Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Last Professor from Kelkar's Era Retires

Today is the last working day for Prof. Sullerey in Aerospace Engineering Department. He is the last of the faculty members who joined when Prof. P K Kelkar was Director of IIT Kanpur. We still have people in the faculty who were students during Prof. Kelkar's time, including one who joined a temporary job during his time, and later became a permanent faculty. And, I am sure that the legacy of Prof. Kelkar will continue long after everyone who had any interaction with him is gone from the campus. But, in some sense, an era is coming to an end today.


  1. I am curious to find status of any ideas that were discussed as a part of Golden Jubilee year. Somehow I felt the entire golden jubilee stuff was not handled properly! I mean, people present in the camus during that time did not feel it! Apart from time capsule, set of conferences etc there were not many good initiatives that will have lasting consequences. Heard about prohibition on vehicles in academic area but was it implemented?

  2. Hari, Prohibition on vehicles in academic area was not implemented.