Monday, June 27, 2011

Grading Statistics for 2010-11-II Semester

Recently, Dean of Academic Affairs informed us of some statistics about the grades received by our students in the previous semester.

A total of 16,818 grades were assigned (not counting courses where grades are not given as 'A' to 'F', but Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). Out of this the 'F' grades were 528, about 3 percent, significantly higher than the 2.5 percent in the previous semester, but much smaller than what was the norm a couple of decades ago.

About 26.5 percent of the grades were 'A', 32.2 percent were 'B' grades, and another 26.2 percent grades were 'C' grades.

If students are performing so well, then why are some faculty members keep criticizing lack of attendance, keep demanding that Internet be disconnected from hostels in the night, keep asking for reduction in the number of festivals. The students have proven that they can manage their academics along with their other activities very responsibly. It is high time we start treating them as responsible adults and with the respect that they deserve, instead of micro managing their lives.

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  1. Dear Professor,
    I am an undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur. What I can say is extracurricular activities are overrated at IITs. Students are neglecting their academics to participate in these activities so that they can flaunt it in their resumes ( although many of them admitted that it is their compulsion , not hobby. ). The condition of science departments is pathetic. Some people may argue low rank students take science, but are not they better than the 2yr Msc students who score better grades. As a world class institute , IITs should produce good quality science graduates too. Although IIT alumni ( in engineering departments ) have occupied faculty positions at top notch universities ( MIT,Stan, etc ), I must say no engineer/ computer scientist can be like Einstein or Newton (due to hierarchy followed in academics ), no matter how good his work may be.