Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IIT Kanpur in JEE 2011

Yesterday, JEE announced the first round allocation of programs to all candidates. Newspapers today are full of statistics. Here are some numbers.

Only 4 out of top 100 JEE rankers chose IIT Kanpur. 70 of them have chosen IIT Bombay. This is the least number of students that would be joining IIT Kanpur from top 100 in its history, and perhaps reverse is true for IIT Bombay. The consolation prize is that IIT Madras is behind us. Last year, we had 5 in top 100, and Madras had 7. So we have "improved our ranking" amongst top 100 from number 4 to number 3.

Out of top 200, the story continues in similar fashion. 89 joined IIT Bombay, 70 join IIT Delhi, 23 join IIT Kanpur, 15 join IIT Madras, and 2 join IIT Kharagpur.

Out of top 500, 180 join IIT Bombay, 129 join IIT Delhi, 101 join IIT Kanpur, 68 join IIT Madras, 20 join IIT Kharagpur, and one student joins IIT Roorkee.

Amongst the top 100 girls, 26 join IIT Bombay, 26 join IIT Delhi, 18 join IIT Madras, 12 join IIT Kharagpur, 11 join IIT Kanpur, and 6 join IIT Roorkee.

At IIT Kanpur, the most sought after program continued to be BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. The unreserved seats closed at 317.

IIT Kanpur seems to have been helped by the introduction of all 4-year programs, and making the 5-year dual degree programs optional. All 5-year MSc programs have closed earlier in their new avatar of 4-year BS.


  1. Interesting data.

    Filling in the data for IIT Delhi; from top 100, 70 to IIT Bombay, 24 to IIT Delhi, 4 to IIT Kanpur and 2 to IIT Madras.

    From your data: From the top 200, 89 to IIT Bombay, 70 to IIT Delhi, 23 to IIT Kanpur, 15 to IIT Madras, and 2 to IIT Kharagpur.

    Taking the difference, between 101-200, 19 to IIT Bombay, 46 to IIT Delhi, 19 to IIT Kanpur, 13 to IIT Madras and 2 to IIT Kharagpur.

    Without knowing the details, it seems the preference is IIT Bombay CS and EE followed by IIT Delhi CS and EE (?).

  2. Yes chitta, but that is not followed by such large numbers in IITK CS and EE.

  3. In late seventies and early eighties (in my time!), IIT/K was considered intellectually superior (so we thought!)to IIT-B or IIT-D (which were considered good for placements, but not for academics). In fact, being away from city culture, we considered ourselves 'relatively purer' and hence academically fitter to claim superiority!
    I posted this just to give another perspective ..

  4. The stats are mind boggling. As recently as JEE-2002, there were more than 15 in the top 50 & about 35-40 in top 100. I know that IITK CSE was not available by AIR 100.

    It seems that the city effect has indeed become very powerful.